Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Find life purpose

Recently a friend said decisions were flowing well for her; a new career possibility was in view, and lots of good energy was surrounding it. I wondered if these subtle energy cues are the way we find life purpose. I asked the Oracle about how to best find life purpose and this card of the Moon from the Journey Oracle deck came forward. This is one of the divination cards for self-knowledge in the Journey suit, named for our life's journey to access our own deep wisdom.

I see plant forms flowing upward from purple depths towards soft yellow. I am aware that these two hues are color opposites: the two primaries of red and blue that mix to make purple do not use the third primary of yellow. Therefore when our eye sees one of the set, it yearns for the color not used. Our eye wants this color complement to be present; it wants what is whole to be visible. We yearn for our life purpose to be visible, in order to feel whole.

Intense blue flowers grow from twiggy stems, or perhaps these are already gone from the life force; their papery edges seem without vitality. The upward rushing color is hatched on either side with ragged black, as if a web has given way in the force of this movement.

Finding life purpose is a balancing of opposites. Even though the Journey Oracle art images are complex and many-layered, it seems that the insights from reading oracle cards are often quick and simple. When I look carefully at the card image, and read again what I have chosen to describe, these questions come into the hollow space made by my seeking. Am I making space for what is whole? Is there something in my present life purpose,that once had vitality, now feeling lifeless? Has a new energy force broken through, reaching now for a new light?