Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Create Sacred Speech

Sacred speech as eloquence is a gift from humans to the Holy. When we find the rhythm and shine in beautifully polished words, so that they uncurl like new sprouts from our tired, winter-hardened mouths, then the last rays of thin light from Februa’s cold heart soften and swell just enough to show us hope for spring.

Yet such speaking is hard to do. My mind and mouth would much rather stay flat and unmarked by these feathery fern tips of sacred speech. These mutterings of words that rise like bubbles to froth the sacred tea of speech we offer the Holy requires my attention and my effort. There is much sacred eloquence to learn from in the traditional tales of First Nations people, whether from the Eskimo of northern Canada or in the literature of narrative poetry from the Ainu of northern Japan.

Sometimes I practice sacred speech by choosing a Journey Oracle card, and describe the image as if it were something else that I am looking at. For example, as I look out to see the last light fading into dusk through the trees beyond the garden, I make a gift of sacred speech to this view with my description of this card 20: When I saw you, I saw your eye of daylight receding from your growing turquoise eye of coming darkness. Your soft purple mouth joined what was rimmed with light with what was deep in green growth, and although you appeared separate, I saw the filigree of dancing threads that stitched you together.