Monday, April 12, 2010

Understanding messages from spirit

There's a significant moment in a phone call and suddenly a bird swoops into the window, narrowly missing a collision. A difficult decision is being pondered while driving and just when you think, “What am I going to do about this?" a cat runs from left to right in front of the car. At the moment an insight is realized, a favorite bowl is knocked from its shelf and breaks.
How do I know if these are messages from the more-than-human world, or just startling coincidences?

When these moments happen to me, there is a fraction of time within the experience when I know with utter certainty that these connections are true and purposeful. I can see with altered awareness, for just a moment, the goodness of fit of the bird or cat or bowl to the situation I am experiencing. To keep this awareness clear, I work at training myself to next ask immediately, "How is this an answer?" I take a deep cleansing breath, without analysis, judgment or doubt, and hold it for a few counts as I ask the answer to come.

There are two ways I practice the skill of being prepared to receive the message. I meditate regularly. My intention is not particularly to follow a Buddhist path, so much as it is to train my awareness to be present without words. I also read the Journey Oracle cards to heighten my ability to be conscious of my first impressions. In this way of using the cards, I am not answering a question so much as I am training my attention. I draw a card with my eyes closed, allow my mind to become quiet, and then look at the card--noticing what first attracts me--without analysis, judgment and doubt. What did you first notice about this card? How is this an answer to what just happened before you began to read these words?