Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Life takes a holiday

Sometimes our regular life takes a holiday. This has been my experience this week organizing the Cortes Island Seafest 2011, the oyster festival. Although there are lots of little bits to remember--everything from emails about finding shrimp chips to arranging who is picking up the mussels--coordinating lunch for 400 people served less than 4 hours has been a joy. It has been a continuous opportunity to feel grateful to volunteers and strangers who make just the right contribution, to friends who step up year after year to help, to a community that shows up. So I'm taking this week off from writing about the new drum I just completed, or the Journey Oracle card reading a friend just shared, or a new exhibition at the Cortes Island Old School House Gallery in June that features my journey into the Land of Faerie. Lets check in next week. Love Kristen