Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where is the spirit world in climate change?

I was recently hitching a ride home in Pearl, the truck and trailer rig of Cortes Transport, and the driver asked me this question: Where is the spirit world in climate change? He knows I make frame drums and give oracle card readings, and so perhaps thought I would know about the relationship between what is happening to our weather, and the spirit presences whose living energy manifests as wind and rain; tempest and drought.

I have continued to think about this question. While we were sailing this past week in Desolation Sound I kept watching the flow of forces in this vast landscape. I believe that the world of nature is as conscious of us as we are of it, and I feel that while climate change may be a human-generated crisis, it is self-absorbed to the point of peril to think it is a human-solved one. Why are we not asking, in all our many forms of communion with nature, where is the spirit world in climate change?