Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why make a new year's resolution?

The reason I make a new year`s resolution has less to do with changing a bad habit or difficult pattern in my life, and more to do with focusing my unbending intent upon a situation that I want to manifest. This is a phrase used by Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book, The Power of Intention. This year I am especially working to manifest my intention for the Journey Oracle Deck: that the cards and stories of the oracle deck help people receive guidance from the unseen world of spirit in a clear and usable way.

If I focus on removing the obstacles that prevent the Journey Oracle cards from finding the people who will be helped by their unique way of sharing spirit-filled insight, I may find myself dwelling on low energy feelings of frustration and doubt, which helps create more frustration and doubt. The best way to remove these low energy pulsations, as described by Dr. David Hawkins in Power Vs. Force, is to raise my energy level by imagining the Journey Oracle cards fulfilling their destiny as a welcome and effective addition in the history of Oracles.

I ask the Oracle herself to show me how to manifest my intention for the Oracle cards and of course I draw the perfect card: the card representing the blue moon. I see a spiralling energy flowing toward the infinite eternal blue of spirit; the curling shell pattern of rose and deep wine red like a staircase lit by the sunrise of passionate resolve. The ink blots of doubt flow away from this turning wheel, becoming lace-edged feathers. The phrase: Returning to the source is also perfect. This year I resolve to let go of my individual will regarding the next steps that move the Journey Oracle out into the world, and surrender to the source that generated the Oracle in the first place. I place my petition before the Queen of all the Wise: the Blue Moon that was the first card imagined and the original name of the Journey Oracle deck. When I turn the card over I receive the only question worth asking about the power of my intention: Will I say yes or no.