Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Names for cats

Some names for cats have to be hunted rather than chosen.  I love the naming of creatures and paintings, because while the creature is not the thing named, it is also true that naming it makes it so.  My Journey Oracle divination cards were called the Journey Oracle from the very beginning, even though now, 18 years later, I keep finding new meanings to understand.

 This little grey boy kitty was called Hope (pronounced Ho-pee) from before his eyes were open, in honor of several wild and tame creatures that have passed through my life.  In my personal gift language, that I created when I learned the importance of eloquence from Martin Prechtel, hope means “choose.”  And certainly he has always been my choice.

These two kitties are Egypt (reclining in front) and Soma (standing in rear) in honor of the possible bloodline connection to the Egyptian Mau and the Bengal cat breeds.  These names came from researching the Silver Tabby breed, which most exactly fits the coat and behavior characteristics of the mama cat, except for her gooseberry green eyes, which I understand is a Mau trait.

 But this little kitty required a hunt for her name.  For these past weeks she has been “baby girl,” or “girl kitty.” She is aloof and engaging, compelling and challenging all in equal measure.  No name that named her a ‘something’ would fit, and yet often she seemed to be waiting for us to discover her identity.   Finally my partner said just to call her Mau,  since her coat is the most typical of this most ancient breed.  It was an easy step to Mauchica (Mau-chee-ka) which literally translates from the Egyptian and Spanish into “cat girl.”  A perfect fit.  I love the naming of something, because every name tells a story.