Saturday, August 10, 2013

The real magic of Desolation Sound

We have been sailing in Desolation Sound for the past week, and the days aboard our 30 foot sloop Pearl have brought beautiful lessons about what is real magic.   Real magic is not in a painted drum or a workshop or book, no matter how helpful these can be.  Real magic is in direct experience. Just like the experience of an oracle card reading must awaken connections between the oracle's wisdom and our lived feelings, magic must awaken us to the connection of something much more vast than we are, and yet include us utterly, at the same time.  So how to awaken magic?

l begin by slowing down my human rhythms to become awake to the other than human rhythms that surround me.  The flowing water and flickering shade and slight breath of wind wobbling the ferns are my rhythms also, when I release my brain chatter and relax into my heart sensation.

When I slow down I come into the present moment, which is the only place the direct experience of real magic lives.  Everything is coming into and passing out of existence moment to moment.  The bubbles and swirls of the water are never the same and yet always similar.  The stone is always constant and always wearing away.

This is the true experience of real magic.  My connection with magic is found by going within to stillness.  From inner stillness comes being in the present.  And when I am present, I experience that we are all one, that every form of everything is made from the body of our earth Mother, Gaia.