Friday, December 27, 2013

Create a winter solstice celebration

Happy Solstice from the Journey Oracle.  My partner and I had a untypical winter scene this year on Cortes Island as we celebrated all those creatures and plants that keep us alive during the year.  In our winter solstice celebration we begin by finding a place in nature for a fire that is sheltered from the wind and close to the water for safety.  The beach gravel near our oyster lease made a perfect site.

Its helpful to have a helper that knows how to make a fire burn well the first time, especially in the snow and west coast drizzle.  The little tepee acts like a chimney to pull the flame to the back log.

Once the fire has reduced to coals we feast with one of each kind of creature that keeps us alive--under the ground, on the ground, above the ground and in the water.  This is also a great opportunity to get properly messy like when we were kids since we don't bring any utensils or hand towels...just one pocket knife to share between us.

After our feast we decorate a tree for the birds and animals in our area with ornaments of bird seed and popcorn  held together with suet and peanut butter, so that others may have good food in a full tummy today.

May we all have good food, and a warm dry place to be, and a safe place to sleep during 2014.  Happy New Year and every blessing to our families, in all their 10,000 forms.