Friday, November 14, 2014

How to market Oracle cards

The Journey Oracle is going out to Bookstores and Metaphysical shops, and I need an answer to my question of how to market Oracle cards. So I decided who better to ask than the Oracle itself? I drew 4 cards while thinking of this question: "How to see the Oracle, so it is seen?"

The first card is a perfect image of the dilemma of helping people see the Journey Oracle who come into Banyen Books in Vancouver, or Gaia Rising Bookstore in Nelson, or Mystic Earth Creations in Campbell River.  It is a never before seen thing.  Just like this creature.  What does this image of Mystery have to tell me?  A glimmering.  What an intriguing suggestion for marketing.  Perhaps when there is a glimmering of something different, if we are courageous we follow it like a hunter.

The second card is an image of my experience of this situation of marketing these oracle cards.   Perhaps this is a root, and I am being shown that creating the Journey Oracle is like growing a root that reaches like a little hook into the Mystery.  This March full moon card, a time on the British Columbia coast of wild wind and chilly shadows on warm days, has this question for me: "Is there another way to get there?"  This reading is becoming more profound, as if calling me to believe in a promise of spring in bleak winter, just as the root must be touching the earth before finding the sun.

The third card is an image of the change that is calling me.  And what creature could this possibly be? My first intuitive impression is of an eagle ready to strike at a fish, like when we sometimes see them fly toward the ocean surface with legs outstretched. This image is from the Celtic tree month of Ivy who represents self-understanding and triumph in adversity.  Certainly I have seen the eagles strike into the ocean again and again and lift back into the sky with empty talons. And yet they do triumph if they do not give up.  This Oracle asks me, "Why did you return?"  Because I also am not giving up.  I believe that truly seeing the spirit power of these Oracle cards will empower their transformation out into the world.

This final card of the Dream Journey reading shows me the face of a beast of some sort, maybe a dog, holding a spider woman in its mouth.  This is the Oracle of the Sun who has this message: "Feeling the truth."  What truth do I need to feel?  That the spirit world is holding this never-before-seen creature called the Journey Oracle, and will be doing the work--helping these cards find their way to help the human family.