Sunday, February 8, 2015

A story in west coast BC pictures of my path to the Journey Oracle

Creativity for me often begins with a foggy notion and lots of unmarked territory, like saying "I think I'll make a deck of Oracle cards."

A direction appears, a way to go forward. Plans take a firm shape from watery intentions. I paint 47 cards and create a book of the Oracle speaking in metaphor and analogy.

Lots of obstacles also appear. How to read the cards? How to use the Oracle book? Who is the Oracle that is speaking?

Many people join in to help and bring lots of skill and suggestions. The path gets easier.

The path also stays difficult. Many versions of interpretation are tried and rejected. Publishers are tried and reject many versions.

Yet the message from Nature, the Oracle, is always be fearless. Don't give up. The sun comes out, and the way to go forward is in the dream work of C.G. Jung.

Even though fog lingers, the blue sky widens. After 23 years of work on the path I meet the Oracle. 

But I must do more than feel satisfied with the path that opens the book of Oracle wisdom.

As the Journey Oracle cards go into their second printing, now I must find the pathways that lead others to this remarkable, never-before-seen divination tool.