Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Caring for Shamanic animal allies

So you think you have received a shamanic animal ally, a creature that has come in a drum journey, a dream, in response to your asking for help from the spirit world. Now what?  This question is not about what your ally can do for you, but about what you can do for it.

Begin by believing that your experience and this relationship is real.  As Stephen Harrod Buhner says in Sacred Plant Medicine, the Sacred is REAL. And we become more real when we come to this relationship with respect and humility.

Treat your shamanic ally as you would a human being. Be patient, willing to listen.  Willing to learn about how the creature behaves in this ordinary reality.  Find a way of asking  "What do you eat?" And make sure the answer is not, "You."  How do you make sure?  Avoid or release any being that shows you red eyes or teeth.

Is your ally shy, secretive, a loner in this world?  Leave a gift in a hidden way.  A sprinkle of tobacco on a quiet pool of water.

Is your ally known for its fierce protection?  Make a donation to an organization that protects your ally in this reality.

Toss a few seeds or nuts into hidden places when you walk outside, visit a park, go for a hike.  By feeding the food of your ally, you help keep its predator/prey circle strong  in this world.

Always begin a contact with your ally with a prayer, with the offering of  beautiful breath as song or smoke, Conclude with a prayer for well being by asking your ally, "What do you need that I can do? How may I honor you?"
Don't be lazy.  Do what you are shown.