Monday, October 10, 2016

Spiritual lessons from the Buddha in nature

I am just back on Cortes Island from a 10 day retreat at the Birken Forest Monastery, Every day after the first meditation session I would walk in the early morning frost among autumn grasses in the aspen groves.  Here are some of the insights found in my reading and when listening to the Dhamma talks.

Loving Kindness is music.  It is the song of the heart.

Bravery and fearlessness is a way of kindness to oneself.

True insight does not arise from reasoning.  This thinking mind is not wisdom.  A willingness is required--to be simple minded, as utterly still and quiet as a breezeless mountain top with no one there.

The practice is to see things as they really are.

The quickest way to make progress in meditation is to be perfectly content, putting energy into being mindful in the present moment, and not hoping for or expecting anything.

In the cessation of personality there is the realization of the peace, the bliss and the serenity of just being--and there is no self in it.

Here's a wish of Metta (loving kindness) for you from the Journey Oracle.