Thursday, November 3, 2016

Favorite views of Zion National Park

Here are some of my favorite views of Zion National Park where I have been hiking in the area for two weeks.  This story of what to look at is probably not what you expect.

It is easy to look up in this country. 

But those beautiful autumn-turning trees are thriving on something besides rock.  The Virgin River carving through these awe-inspiring cliffs is the source of life in this canyon. 

When I started to look down, I saw water everywhere.  Seeping through ferns,

and sparkling over leaves in grottoes of shade.

Creating habitat for cattails; plants that are most unusual to find in the desert.

And even creating the miniature swamp surrounding this bubbling-up spring.

So while it is tempting to keep looking up into the majesty of these stone monoliths,

you will be delighted if you look down into the shadowy depths of desert pools.

Happy hiking from the Journey Oracle.