Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Understand karmic lessons with the Journey Oracle deck

While it is interesting to glimpse my karmic lessons by working with the letters in my name, I have recently discovered a way of looking deeply into a situation to understand karmic lessons in this life from their origins in my past life.    I understand from my Buddhist teacher Ajahn Sona that "This is the after-life. This life is the consequence of my before-life.  In this life I took rebirth as a human.  Because of that life I have this life." I am using the Journey Oracle deck to create a four card reading about a situation in my past life that has created an experience in my present life. The reading then shows me what changes will create good karma in a future life.

27 years ago I moved to Cortes Island and became immediately involved in efforts to create a community forest. Now I am retiring from these years of volunteer work and wondering why?  I have no obvious complaint or requirement for my time elsewhere; the community forest is a reality and others say my experience as a director is valuable.  So why do I feel now the right time to leave?

The first oracle card of this reading represents my actions in a past life situation that have resulted in my present life experiences.

My first impression of this image is of dramatic but unstable power.  The male figure reaches out and up with his arms while balancing on his toes.  His solar plexus (manipura) chakra is expanded over almost his entire torso.  When I read the pronouncements from the Oracle about my past life actions I am startled by two sentences. "The core energy pattern of this situation is created in fire." Fire is the element of the navel chakra.  It would appear that in my past life this chakra of personal identity and individual will was exaggerated. "The momentum of this situation is fed by knowing when to stop."  Wow. This second sentence seems to say it all.  Now is the time to leave a situation that has required me to need a strong sense of self  identified with a strong sense of purpose.

The second oracle card represents my present experience, how I am expressing this past life karma though my actions right now.

Yikes! In this card image the solar plexus chakra area is still expanded, but now is a dark void from which an unpleasant looking creature is peering out.  The old woman appears to be crying blood tears.  When I read the Oracle's pronouncement about how I am expressing this past life karma, two phrases draw my attention: overextended and not connecting with allies, reclaiming.  Reclaiming gives me pause.  Perhaps this is the action I need to focus on now, in order to find resolution for this karmic lesson.

The third oracle card represents the change that will create good karma for the future, due to my present actions and awareness.

 I see a remarkable bird with its piercing gaze looking up.  The crown area of the bird's head is aglow with vibrant colored light.  The image feels like a message about both the intensity and the result of focusing inward.  Again, there are two sentences in the Oracle's pronouncements about change that create a frisson of energy.  "Change will come by letting others do the work. The wisdom of not being stopped by an illusion will empower the transformation."  These two sentences seem exactly about the community forest and my sense of my contribution being too valuable to let go.  On reflection, a third sentence catches my attention.  "Your relationship to the change in this situation is aggressive."  Perhaps this is advice about what to specifically change in order to create good karma.

The fourth oracle card represents the resolution of this karmic lesson. The pathway to deep transformation.

I don't like my first impressions when looking at the image on this card.   I cannot see a way out of the stone passages.  What may be a tunnel near the center of the image looks claustrophobic and unreliable. What could be an opening inside a spiral on the right doesn't feel certain.  There may be an opening with fiery yellow light shining through a dark rim at the top, but how to get there?   I suddenly remember that yellow is the color the solar plexus chakra, and "getting to it" may not be what is needed.

The bits of impression and advice seem to rush together.  Just stop.  Reclaim an inward focus.  Let others do the work.  Do not hold on because of the illusion of being irreplaceable.  There is no need to be aggressive.

The Journey Oracle offers a fairy tale titled "Waiting for the tide to turn" as insight about the resolution of this karmic lesson.  It's last sentence is one of my favorites in the whole collection of teaching stories.  "No creature on the beach expects delays; waiting for the tide to turn is not empty hoping, but inner certainty."  Now I feel my leaving the community forest is unfolding as it should.  The karmic tide expressed in those years of strong purpose is turning. The result of this Journey Oracle reading is the certainty that I am becoming more inwardly balanced, and less dependent on external sources for my identity and sense of personal power.

If you have a Journey Oracle deck try this new reading format and understand a karmic lesson in a situation that is currently causing you confusion or discomfort.  If you don't have a deck you can order one in my webstore.