Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fun with Instagram and art

When I told a friend I wanted to promote the Journey Oracle deck on Instagram, and she said, "Have fun with it," I didn't really know how to begin.  I love to post images of my oracle cards, shamanic journey drums and acrylic paintings but how to have fun?

First I decided to use the oracle card images and create a brief meaningful phrase using the wise words in the Oracle pronouncements.

Some of these felt quite profound.

Others were a bit more creepy and didn't receive much instragram response.

The instagram posts become more fun when I decided to match interesting life quotes from well known personalities with oracle card images.

My acrylic paintings provided some beautiful visuals for quotes about art.

Yet the most successful images and statements seem to be from my journeys in nature. Here a momentary play of light on water creates something of inspiration,

A glimpse of creativity echos like a song in these beautiful words. 

A rush of light and energy reflects thoughts about the transpersonal self.  So this fun with instagram is creating its own kind of art.  Have a look.