Sunday, March 11, 2018

Tips for successful self-employment

Here are some tips I have learned about being successfully self-employed. 

Develop a skill.  More than having a business plan, having a skill is essential.  Find something special and unique about your product or service that you do well.  And then practice--and practice some more--to become really good at it.

Being a visual artist may not be that remarkable, but being skillful with my craft is. With skill comes wisdom and integrity.  The wisdom to know how I work, and why--and the honesty to express this clearly.

When people purchase one of my drums, they often remark on how well made they are.  Something being well made translates as being durable and beautiful.

Develop discipline. Having discipline does not mean having lofty intentions for your craft.  It means staying home from the dinner invitation, choosing not to watch just one more episode on Netflix, resisting an afternoon scrolling through facebook. 

Develop a web presence that is excellent as you can afford.  If you are not tech-savvy then invest in someone who is to create a online presence for you.  I maintain control of how my art is presented by inserting blogs within my website that allow me to update, delete and manage how and when my work is seen.

Tell your story.  A large part of the Journey Oracle divination deck is the story of how I created the oracle cards across 23 years of puzzlement, mystery and insight.

Teach what you know.  This is the fastest way to discover what you do not yet know. 

And this of course creates more opportunities to practice more skills.