Saturday, November 24, 2018

Change your self-perception

Spend some time looking for a deep pattern in your past that still emerges in some of your actions and awareness of yourself today.  Especially notice if how you understand this pattern’s meaning or presence in your life has changed.   I am using myself as an example.

I see a pattern that I call “the Walrus.”  No, this is not a retro-moment for the Beatles.  A walrus is able to use its head, back and tusks to break holes in the ice to haul out for resting, socializing, breeding. 

Years ago I read (somewhere) that walrus were not able to create a big enough opening to pull themselves through their own hole in the ice.   They therefore provided a service to other creatures they were not able to access for themselves.

I associated this walrus behavior with a number of what I saw as “ice blocks” of my own—where I could help others but not benefit myself:

I can help others use creative visualization to access their intuitive wisdom using my Journey Oracle cards but do not have inner images in my mind's eye.

I can help others journey to the spirit world with my drums and rattles but do not seem to go myself,

I have encouraged others to meditate, who go on to find the deep inner stillness and absorption that mostly eludes me.

Across the years it has been easy to wobble between resignation and self-pity—an oh well, just how it is attitude.  And then while doing research for something, I discover that my initial understanding of the pattern is wrong (!) 

Walrus do just fine , hauling themselves out of ice holes using their tusks.  And in fact, the scientific name of their genus, from the Greek, is Odobenus, which translates as "tooth walker.”  This name comes from observing walrus pulling themselves out of holes in the ice using their tusks.

So it is time I retaught myself about being a walrus.  I don’t know what this means, or how to do it yet, but here is this insight, and an opening in the ice is possible.