Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Journey Oracle reading for 2019

Before I begin a Journey Oracle reading, I decide who is the reading for: myself, an acquaintance or client, a place, the planet?  This Oracle reading seems to be for me, but if you follow along with the oracle card images and messages, it might be for you also. All text in bold and italics are quotes directly from the Journey Oracle book of pronouncements by the Oracle.


Oracle card 45 shows my situation this year, and represents the energy of the West.  This is the way of dreams, visions, feelings, mysticism and sexuality.  The message for my situation in 2019 is dream is still around me.  This feels very appropriate since I am continuing a massive art project of 47 paintings based on dreams received when creating the Journey Oracle

Although to me the image looks confusing--a jumble of squiggles and smudges, the little figure at the bottom looks sheltered rather than crushed. The Oracle says that for me this year, the momentum of this situation is fed by taking care of business. 

Oracle card 10, Nion or the Ash tree in the Celtic tree calendar, represents my experience in this situation.  Although this oracle image is one of my favorite when upright, when turned in this direction it appears the figure in the lower portion of the card, wearing the staring spirit face mask, is going underwater due to the weight of the headdress. 

The message from this Oracle card is endless dancing, and I need to be careful not to let my many projects pull me under.  The year will bring lots of trauma, magic in places I can only imagine, and awareness of spirit skills and limits.  Sounds like quite a ride! 

The oracle card says that sensuousness will be a support for the situation this year, and rising from the water to emerge at the top of the card I see a flower and leaf shape on a stem. I see to attend to the sensuousness of nature in all its steady pace and beauty. 

Oracle card 13 is an image of the change trying to find me.  This oracle card represents the full moon in April, a time of rapid growth, change, emergence.  So do not get stuck underneath the confusion or swamped by the endless effort.  The message from this oracle card is predator gaze.  Stay focused on the immediate present moment, rather than get lost in anticipation or resistance. 


I like that the small central motif looks like a tiny opening, a way through. This card says that the wisdom of letting go into growth will empower the transformation.  Also that the power needed to shift this situation will be a sound of stones being fitted together.  I like that.  Build a solid structure but leave a small opening to grow through. 

The fourth card in my 2019 Journey Oracle reading is the resolution of this situation. The Oracle representing Mystery; my finding truth, wisdom. The image is very vague, indeterminate.  And then I notice what seems like a trace, a trail flickering through the foggy surface.  

This oracle card's message is a glimmering.  I am just beginning the book, On Trails, by Robert Moor.  All about paths and trails and tracks and traces.  How we recognize them, when we make them, where they take us.  

The summarizing message of this Journey Oracle reading is coming clear to me.  Don't get too comfortable and become crushed under the weight of work; receive support this year from the sensuousness of nature while experiencing my skills and limits; let go into growth rather than resist change, and follow the glimmering trail, however faint at times, that leads to truth and wisdom.  

Happy New Year from the Journey Oracle