Thursday, January 24, 2019

A drum for the Winter Wolf

This new shamanic frame drum from the Journey Oracle was made on Winter Solstice.

 I was reluctant to begin because I thought the blacktail deer hide was too uneven in its surface, too wrinkled and marked by age to have a good voice.  I noted in my inventory book that I had already passed this deer skin over twice before, selecting other skins for a workshop and a custom order rather than choosing this one.

But I only had two already prepared skins left and its too cold to work hides during December so  I spent some time with a fleshing tool, trying to thin the membrane.

The creature that emerged looks to me like the wolf in winter.  

Lean and watchful, silent, poised to move yet still. 
 I think of winter in the same way.  

 The feeling of stillness before the storm comes: 
the thin hard rain or silent snow.  

The snake on the back of the drum is a symbol of going deep. 

The wrapping of white doeskin is in honour of snow. 

The interlacement pattern forms an Octagram.
An 8-pointed star which represents regeneration.

Winter Solstice is the time of regeneration. 
The Sun's birthday.  
The turning toward the light. 

This Winter Wolf drum has one of the finest voices I have stretched in many years.  You can hear it being played with a felted beater by clicking on this youtube link:  

Even though I appreciate this technology because you can have a taste of its voice, this is nothing compared to being in its presence; just like the difference between watching a video about wolves, and seeing a wolf in winter.