Saturday, April 6, 2019

Go on a meditation retreat

Here are some discoveries of things to do while on a meditation retreat at Birken Forest Monastery. No internet connection, no inquires for Journey Oracle cards or new drums to prepare for the webstore, so now what?

Celebrate mud? Glorious mud!

Sticky, slurpy, muddy slurry that glues itself to everything it touches. 

Precious start to spring and seeds lucky enough to drift and drop
 into its wake-me-up matrix of softened soil and life-blessing water. 

Celebrate doing just one thing at a time.
It is hard to just do one thing; to cultivate a moment free from all distractions.
There is only this cup of book, no journaling, no conversation, only this cup.

Celebrate just sitting. For hours a day rather than minutes. It is not easy to be only in the company of one's inner voice as it expresses a constant stream of likes, dislikes and delusions.  Especially when the intention of such sitting is to come to inner peace and quiet.

None of this is easy.  Perhaps this is the deep illness of our present times—we want everything to be easy. To quote David Suzuki, we worship the great god Relief From Inconvenience. AI makes it easy to have information about, well, just about everything but what is the advantage if we have no wisdom?

Seems like the device is now our significant other.  On a meditation retreat one's direct inner experience is the significant other.  Not an easy partner to warm up to.  But just like the transition from winter to spring—when we discover rigidity and so let our surface opinions soften, we let go of some of our preferences and prejudices.

The inner struggle to hold onto focus, and achieve concentration, 
can at times feel a lot like mud.  
Glorious mud. 

May my practice enable me to be one of those lucky enough seeds.