Sunday, May 12, 2019

Praying for rain during climate change

I am so aware that the indications of the approaching climate change disaster here in coastal BC are stunningly trivial compared to what many geographical regions of the globe are already facing.

Still, it is difficult to watch our salal dying 
as it is such an iconic plant species on this Canadian coast. 

And the beaked and step moss are struggling, and losing, 
against a dry, cold winter and dry spring.

Water levels drop daily, and there is not enough water in the cisterns 
to spend it unwisely replenishing the ponds.  

As one of the Journey Oracle card stories says

my friend

this is how they are
there is not enough food
one of you has to go
there is not enough food
my friend

there is not enough food
survival of the species
my friend
one of you has to go


A strange poem that gives an unsettled feeling; 

everything is manifestation of causes and conditions, 
and we have caused this due to our
 conditional greed and delusion.   

So I think I will pray for rain.

But of course, Seafest is just a week away, and 600 people may want to come to a gourmet lunch in a fabulous oceanside setting with beautiful music to accompany their seafood delight.  But maybe not  if it rains. 

We humans are such a piece of work, I declare.   
How about rain soon but not on Saturday May 18? 
Is this conditional greed and delusion?

I think I'll send prayers of gratitude to be alive 
on such a beautiful, long-suffering Mother planet.
I learned this song many decades ago, and now it glows into my awareness:

The earth is my sister.
I love her daily grace, her silent daring,
and how loved I am.
All that we suffer, and all that we provide
and all that we know.
And I am struck by this beauty
and I do not forget,
what she is to me and what I am to her
The earth is my sister. 

The wind has shifted to the southeast.
Stirring a coolness along with the temple bells
outside the back door.
I think I go say thank you to whatever is coming.