Sunday, January 12, 2020

Healing power of animals

Are you willing to trade places with animals? 


Our feelings of losing the dream
of the storm expected,
 are not shared by the other-than-human world. 

 When we truly see their burst of forces, 

We see not the red of anger 
or the tangling touch of  greed
but the truth of life still going on


After all, the goose is dancing
not cooked, 

and nobody even notices the frog.

The power needed to shift our situation
will be a sound of contentment. 

Not the smell of sex
or the taste of famine.
But the skill of recognizing that-- 
like the animals know--
we have enough.

All the italicized phrases in this blog came
from pronouncements by the Journey Oracle
about oracle card #10
whose question, received in a dream,
 inspired this painting. 

Are you willing to trade places?