Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Creating a Journey Oracle reading online

When I create an oracle reading online for a client using the Journey Oracle cards, I separate the reading into three parts. After drawing the card, according to my client's instructions, my first step is to describe the card in everyday language, as if the person was sitting next to me. I say whatever ordinary expressions occur to me, without trying to be eloquent or dramatic. This is important because often a common turn of phrase, for example, saying "the head is to the right" takes on new meaning when the client ponders this in the context of the situation. I also try not to give my interpretation of a color, gesture or expression, because often this choice of meaning points to the heart of the dilemma; for example, is the hand reaching or blocking?

The second part of the reading is composed of my notes of interpretation, often given in the form of questions. For example, only the client can connect the way the figure is dressed to personal insight about "lack of covering" so I may ask, "In this situation what is the lack of covering?" In this way everything is allowed be become a symbol of something else. In this second step I also focus on the card's statement or question. Now my questions and thoughts begin to reflect my interpretation, built on the descriptions from the first step, and the feeling created by the questions that begin this second step. However, I never tell a client what something means or says ; I have too much respect for the inner wisdom and intuitive skills we all have, which sometimes just need a little coax to come to the surface of our awareness.

I conclude a reading by commenting on the colored rim of the card, as these represent the four suits of the Journey Oracle. This card is #10, which is the tree month Ash, from February 18 to March 17. I share thoughts about the meaning of Ash, usually from one of my favorite tree books, especially The Witch's Book of Days by Kozocari et al, or Tree Wisdom by Paterson. I speculate about what is happening in nature during this time, as this might reflect a feeling or energy that is surrounding the situation. I conclude by sharing the large themes that are part of the tree month suit: connection, exchange, intuition, and power, and ask how these might be some of the deep forces that are shaping the client's situation.