Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ways to read Oracle cards

Sometimes when I do a reading with the Journey Oracle cards, I don't read the images or the messages--I read the colored rims which relate to the four suits of the Oracle.
I drew these three oracle cards to receive advice about how to help a shamanic student of mine who is struggling with a large homework assignment. I understand I am not to contact her until she takes the initiative to contact me, but what if she looses heart and gives up the work?

All three of these Journey Oracle cards are in the full moon suit, which tells me that this situation has to do with discipline and trust. This feels just right as I seek a balance between helping my student but trying not to meddle in her process. Oracle card # 2 represents the January full moon, which I call the ice moon. Perhaps my lack of contact with my student feels cold and uncaring to her, but I must trust that this is the discipline called for, so she is able to make decisions without my influence. Card #18 is the May full moon, which I know is a time of struggle for life in nature's calendar. Many creatures and plants die in the spring, when life is new and fragile. This message seems to say that for my student to actually succeed, she must have a real opportunity to fail. Oracle card # 47 represents the Blue Moon, a rare and little understood occurrence. If my student succeeds in completing her homework, her shamanic abilities and wisdom will become like the blue moon, and this is worth waiting for.