Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Receiving a spring blessing

Finally the sun is out; bees drone over the scotch broom out by the road and on the Spiderwort in the garden. Tiny baby spiders create a dancing filagree across the arms of the deck chairs while bird song floods the forest like a halejuela chorus. Of course the forecast is for more rain and wind at the end of the week but in this moment, soft green beauty shimmers from every view.

Some days ago my friends and I motor-sailed to Mitlenatch Island in the Georgia Strait. The day was not what we had hoped for, as bands of heavy-laden clouds filed across a dramatic sky; the pewter sea only dimpled by a wind insufficient for sailing. Upon arriving we walked in search of wildflowers in the seabird sanctuary and although we found a few, the spectacular display of early spring was over. How different that day felt, from today, because of my expectation for it. I understand with my intellect the value of "living in the now" but when I am filled with expectations and anticipations for how I want something to be, my head is too full of the future to open my heart to the present.

My readings with the Journey Oracle cards are also like these two days. When I try and hold to a certain expectation for conducting a reading I am limited by the form I have built from past experiences. When I sit quietly for a moment with the client and just let the beauty of the moment together present itself, new ways of accessing the Oracle unfold. Just recently, I have discovered to begin an oracle reading by working first with the larger themes represented by the colored rims of the cards chosen, as if these were the quality of sun, wind and sea holding the sailboat of the questioner's seeking.