Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oracle card reading for Halloween

Many people celebrate Halloween as the pagan New Year’s Eve, and in honor of this understanding I decided to do a Journey Oracle card reading for the new year.  Maybe my insights will be helpful for your coming year also.  I drew card #30, which in the Journey Oracle deck is called “Whole Self.”  This oracle card tells me that the big themes surrounding my year will be Boundaries, Desire and Work, as this card is part of the Journey Suit in the deck.  This means that all parts of the reading are brought awake within these three themes of awareness.

When I gaze at the image of the card, this is what I see: a dancing figure on the far right whose dress and shadow make a set of two faces—one white and one black.  The motion set by the dancer’s hands flows out through the final turn of a spiral, while the dancer and faces are made of shapes flowing up from the spiraling center.  Many small black “X” figures seem to dance along the rim of the spiral with a joyous feel. The colors of soft pink and pale yellow-green diffuse out from intense and dark reds.  This image feels like a journey coming upright and close to completion; the movement is both delicate and complex, yet the overall pattern is clear.

I next choose from the Journey Page the sentence that has the most charge for deepening the meaning of this description of my coming year.  The core energy pattern of this situation is no negativity. I feel a sense of relief at reading this statement, because this time of year often feels like I am in a struggle to let go of summer’s business and release into the beginning of the dark time.

I turn the oracle card over and this is what the Journey Oracle shows me is my relationship to the situation whose image I just described on the other side of the card.  I see a large round face in reds, pinks and yellows; it appears bloated with indistinct, blurry edges.  The left eye is starring out with an intense gaze while the right eye seems swollen and barely sighted.  Not the image of a confident, clear relationship that I was hoping for!  Although the colors between the two sides of the oracle card are similar, on one the color is delicate and on the other it is almost garish.  When I choose again a sentence from the Journey Page that has the most charge to deepen the meaning of this description, I select the momentum of this situation is fed by finding what is needed. This feels like exceptionally good advice.  I am too filled up trying to juggle my spiritual practice of meditation, my on-going work on the Journey Oracle deck, my drum making and shamanic counseling.  No wonder I look like I’m holding my breath.

On the bottom of the front side of the Journey page I see a question and in the next line an answer of a single word.   This is the same question that appears on the oracle card:  Why is it now in four parts? I imagine that I have asked the Oracle this question and she has given this word: whirlwind, as the answer.  This exchange alters my perception of the situation because I see that by finding what is needed in each part of my busy life; I can be like the whirlwind which spins an intensely focused cone of energy.  With the whirlwind as a new year’s guide I can spin these parts into the whole picture.

Happy New Year!