Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Telepathic communiation with cats

We also have had loss and joy in our animal family.  First our Meisa of 13 years died a difficult death from a saddle thromboses two weeks after a stray cat we had taken in gave birth to 5 kittens.  Losha came in February just as we were leaving for a winter holiday--and we came back to a young cat  who looked like she had swallowed a balloon. Losha had her kittens on April 15th and was keeping them outside away from Meisa's territorial jealousy, until a wild Tom threatened them...the very night that Meisa died.  In they came and we had two weeks of baby kitty heaven until Losha again took them into the wild.

 She would let me follow her to their nest, but would not let me get too friendly before she moved them again.  This went on until they were 9 weeks old and I despaired of ever being able to catch or gentle them in order to deliver three of them to the new homes we had found.  And then one night I had a powerful telepathic moment with her.

 I was lying in bed extremely agitated that the situation was going to go out of control.  I had just read on the internet that the best  time for bonding with feral kittens was between 3 and 8 weeks and I was already beyond that.  I felt a gnawing sensation in my solar plexus, like something was in distress.  I went to the back door and turned on the porch light, imagining that Losha was in trouble.  I saw nothing so went back to bed but the sensation remained.  I got up again and when I turned on the light--there she and all the kittens were.  They were lined up like the kids in the Von Trapp family in Sound of Music: all in a baby cat row with Mamalosha sitting at one end.  I felt so relieved and sort of silly for my concern at the same time.  Even now its amazing to imagine how she herded them all into a position and then kept them there while she called me energetically yet again to come out.  Apparently telepathic communication with animals is no big deal--at least to the animals.  I think they are the Oracle, rather than need to make one, like I have been doing.

The three cat children did go to new homes--which is its own magical story for another time, and we kept the youngest boy and the wildest girl, plus of course our wild/tame Mamalosha.  Our Mauchica (cat girl in Egyptian and Spanish) has decided to stay with the wild and curious, while our Hopee is choosing the warm fire and a comfy cushion. And Mamalosha?  We are still talking with the language of sensation; its like learning to make a drum.  The wisdom is in the feelings, and not in the mind.