Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Asking an Oracle is exercising free will

I believe asking an Oracle is exercising free will.  I seem to be able to find lots of reasons to consult something more mysterious than myself during those moments when I want counsel that is wiser than myself.  For me, an Oracle does not tell me yes or no—this would be the negation of my free will.    An Oracle shows me the traces of unseen or unconscious hopes and fears; of motives and perspectives that may be operating in my hidden present, while leaving the responsibility for my choices and actions with me.  I recently had the opportunity to conduct two readings that illustrate the Journey Oracle’s ability to show pathways without demanding which route be taken.

A young woman asked me to comment on the “animal streaked with white” in her Journey Oracle card image.  I remembered the magical meaning of colors in Wylundt’s Book of Incense:  White: brings about awareness and understanding; for all general magical workings; brings about happiness, honesty, loyalty, peace; protection (physical and psychic): purification, religion and spirituality; tranquility.  This young woman was concerned about a possible negative interpretation of the dark red “shadow” on the right side margin of the image—yet the highest creature “streaked with white” brings a sense of protection and tranquility to the oracle card image.  It is her choice to determine which way the meaning goes.

I conducted a joint reading with a friend about what is keeping our creative enterprises from finding the sponsors and supporters who would help her music and my art move out to a larger public.  We dropped this oracle card while shuffling the deck together.  We described this image as “an old wolf peering out, a creature gaunt with burnout, a waiting, a seeking.”  As we moved through the reading we discovered that this image was not of us, but of the spirit world waiting for us to stop endlessly finding perfection and move our works to finish.  We suddenly said the phrase this way:  “Move on.  Out of the way.” This has a different tone and meaning than “Move on out of the way.”  It is our choice to place the emphasis and therefore shade the meaning.

An Oracle prompts revelation by unveiling mystery more than by providing answers.  The subtlety and layering of the Oracle’s phrases and questions require us to use our free will to access deeper wisdom that expands and transforms into meaningful action and self-knowledge.