Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The meaning of flowers in dreams

Much of my shamanic guidance comes in dreams.  I first dreamed about the Journey Oracle in 1992 and have been following the dream images for the oracle cards ever since.  Last night I had a dream of guidance about a stone oracle, a Sastun, that is requiring me to discover the meaning of flowers in dreams.  I understand to set an intention when asking for a dream and my purpose for this dream was ,“what do I do now to care for the Sastun? This is one of three dreams I recorded:

 I’m with L at her house.  Even though it is not the season I see bright red tulips blooming in front of an evergreen hedge.  I borrow a trailing yellow- blooming plant in a wire hanging basket to use to open the door into the back of the house, but it is too flimsy and doesn't work.  When I return the basket to its place over a hole—something unseen in the hole pulls the plant in.  I tug it back out but the plant looks the worse for wear.  L arrives, and says she will keep the all-day visit by setting up at the craft store.

What are the meanings of flowers in this dream?  The bright red tulips out of season certainly could indicate early spring, and mean that this work of caring for the Sastun will be clear during that time of year.   Intense colors of flowers also indicate intense energy and feelings associated with the color.  Like this brilliant purple rhododendron is the color of power, intense red is the color of heart-felt passion, and of the core energies of family and survival. The “home” where I am looking for help caring for the Sastun is a place marked by strong feelings of family, and contains passionate energy, even if these feelings are at times “out of season”.

The yellow flowered plant in the wire basket is the wrong form for doing the task I intend.   Just like this Iris seems out of place in this drift of beach gravel, trailing plants in wire baskets are too insubstantial to hold open a door—I am using the wrong plant and form to do the work of caring for the Sastun.  I understand that the third chakra of personal power is associated with the color Yellow, so the form of personal power that I am presently using to care for the Sastun is the wrong form for doing the work.   The plant being pulled beneath the ground is a metaphor for my personal power being pulled into a place I do not easily fit or belong, and also an image of being "grounded" in my care of this Oracle.  The effort to pull myself back from the practices I have been following with the Sastun have taken a toll on my personal power.

So who is L?  Someone who lives where there are intense energies of family and survival.  Someone who has passionate energy, even if sometimes out of sync.  L is also someone who is willing to spend a full measure of time setting up a “power” store—as kraft in German means strength or force.  Although the visit will be intense, the flowers in this dream have helped me recognize just who L is—a woman friend I need to go see, who is as beautiful, helpful and dangerous as these Brugmansia flowers.