Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meaning of 2013

So what happened?  The meaning of 2013 seems lost in the anticipation of polar shifts and asteroid strikes that didn't happen, so what is the meaning of 2013 after the apparent lack of anything happening on December 21, 2012?  In my life at least, seems there is a lot happening.  These three chalk pastels that I did while attending Martin Prechtel’s school in New Mexico from 2004 until 2007, capture for me the meaning of 2013 in shamanic art.

Nothing is coming is one of the most perfectly realized shamanic paintings I have ever completed.  The diagonal pattern of the visual elements, the balance of the colors, and rhythms of dark and light create the perfect juxtaposition to the message of the work: nothing is coming from the outside of us to save or condemn.  The change of this time is all within us.

Not an exit captures as a visual image the message that there is no way out of the situation our current choices have created.  There is no road up and out of the cemetery created by our inattention, lethargy and lack of caring.

There is only No more waiting.  We can either choose the high side of the situations within which we find ourselves: being willing to bring compassion and emotional healing to our daily dramas, or we can go to the low side.  We can feel anger and frustration and righteous indignation at another’s lack of seeing the right of our particular view.

The meaning of 2013 is for me in this choice of high or low.  Everything is extreme now. I can find medicine for my energy or I can resist knowing I need to shift as the universe is shifting.  I can stay holding to the wire of my usual responses, or I can lift into the vast unknown with only the Oracle of my journey to guide me.  What is certain in 2013, is that there is no more waiting.