Thursday, February 7, 2013

Starting a birthday ritual

My birthday is during this first week of February and I have several ways of making a birthday ritual of the day.  I like to begin with a Journey Oracle reading to ask the oracle cards: what chance do I take this year?  This year I drew card 34 and the answer to this question is “Called to witness.”

What an interesting answer.  When I gaze into the image I see an animal face with the most remarkable eyes.  The right eye, which for me is the eye that sees into this consensual reality, is so direct and unwavering that surely no dishonesty or manipulation could hide from it.  The left eye, which is for me the eye that sees the unseen reality, is intensely direct and engaged, almost to the point of aggression. This image and message means to me that I am being called to witness my own integrity, honesty and plain dealing with all levels of reality this year.  Easy to say but not always easy to accomplish in daily relationships where everyone understands reality shaded by their own perceptions, intentions, hopes and fears.

I asked the Journey Oracle “what is my best alignment to this situation of witnessing my truth?” and was attracted to these statements in the text that accompanies the oracle card.


Your relationship to the prevailing energy is soaring.
Your perception of the situation is visionary
The impact of your perception is textured
The connection between the core energy pattern and the situation
 is felt as circles and turns.
The momentum of this situation is fed by being in no time.

I am especially drawn to this last sentence, since for me “being in no time” is being mindful according to the Buddhist notion of being completely in the present moment.  When I am in the present moment and not in my inner world of projections, I am in the physical and emotional truth of my experience.

When I turn the text page for the Oracle card over I discover this:


 Are you ready? 
 Do you realize who you are?



To understand these questions that conclude this part of my birthday ritual, I again look to the Oracle card image.  I see a creature both real and unreal with an expression turned inward. What a beautiful and scary challenge: to be fully the owner of my own truth, and therefore the owner of who I truly am.