Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rescuing a stray cat

This stray cat has taken my focus this week away from three new shamanic drums in various stages of completion and my work on an expanded new version of the Journey Oracle cards.  I did not intend to be rescuing a stray cat two weeks ago but this young orange male began coming around our yard and out buildings--complaining loudly of being SO hungry and cold and tired of living rough...and he knew how to come in through the dog door.  Chasing him away felt unkind when three cats were inside being warm and well fed.

 I started feeding him in the laundry shed and began looking for people who know about rescuing a stray cat.  My best first action was to post his picture and request for a new home on,  the Cortes Island website.  Plus I called the Quadra Cat Rescue on Quadra Island.  What a blessing is a small community with time to take time to care. A neighbor called to say this was "Able" whose owner used to live here.  Apparently Able didn't like his new home and footed it back across island to his old neighborhood.  When Able first appeared I did a Journey Oracle reading about how to help this stray cat and was brought up short by the last line in the story accompanying the Oracle card:  "Do you remember who this is?" At first I thought this question was making a metaphorical connection to an orange cat from my childhood--but as soon as I knew this was Able, I realized I had indeed met him as a kitten from across the road.  Sometimes, maybe most of the time, Oracle cards show us this ordinary reality as well as the other realms.

My neighbor called back to say she had found a young woman friend willing to foster Able until  a permanent home could be found. The QCR lady called to say she likely had a home for Able with a woman whose elderly cat had recently died.  Able is currently with a full tummy receiving cuddles at his foster home while I am sending pictures to help a new owner recognize her cat.  I praise the names of all of you who act toward cats, and dogs, in what must surely be the most profound ways: who give food and shelter, a lap to curl upon and affection--well-- just because it's a kind thing to do.