Sunday, August 17, 2014

Why consult Oracle cards

I have been working my "days" at the Cortes Craft Store this summer--this is the way contributing artists lower the commission charged on their crafts--when a friend came into the shop to ask for a reading.  "Why consult Oracle cards?" I wondered.  What draws some folks to this form of spiritual guidance, and others not? These pictures of the craft store are also metaphors for why ask an Oracle.

I think that folks who seek to access their unconscious wisdom also resonate with nature.  There is a wisdom in animals and plants, in the weather and the forces that surround us.  Just as we know our dog loves us without resorting to logic or reason to explain how we know, we can know that an Oracle pronouncement feels true yet is not a statement of logic or reason.  Some people know that all natural phenomena exists in both the physical and spiritual dimensions and can be communicated with.

When we are in an experience that confounds us, at first we may find it hard to focus; it seems hard to know how to think about the uncertainties and tensions that cause the circumstance or relationship to be felt as a "situation." This is similar to entering a unfamiliar store, wanting to purchase something, but not being able to focus on one thing because of the multitude of things in our view.

In the same way that we cannot explain some knowledge, awareness, experience and perceptions we have, and yet we trust these to guide us, in the store we find ourselves focusing on one area or item more than another. Our attention and then our footsteps are led to a display, and our intention to purchase something takes on a form.

We are drawn to the familiar.  When we have had interactions with Oracle cards--perhaps we have worked with the tarot or someone once gave us a present of divination cards--the new version fits into the pattern of our previous experience.

Taking the time and attention necessary to ask our unconscious mind to advise our conscious thinking and actions about a situation is like purchasing the skeins of wool and not the finished sweater.  We are left with the work of choosing how to interpret and act upon the advice. The Journey Oracle does this by prompting insight  and unveiling mystery more than by providing answers.