Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hiking in the Olympic National Park

I have just returned from a week spent hiking in the Olympic National Park and what a wonderful and varied wilderness time we had.  Sometimes one just has to let go of doing Journey Oracle card readings at the Cortes Friday Market, and stopping work on a new shamanic drum, in order to go play in the forest.

Our first hike was along the Hoh River to be in the presence of big trees.  What a thrill to walk under these hanging gardens!

We next hiked into the Sol Duck waterfall, whose size was as impressive as you might think from this photo taken at the bridge crossing the falls.  The roar and cool mist was a welcome experience on a hot late July day.  Note the two fellows on the rocks upper right for a sense of scale, and possible foolhardiness.

My favorite hike was from the Obstruction Pass trailhead across the alpine of Elk Mountain above treeline. At my age I don't expect to go so easily into the high country.

We finished our week in Olympic National Park with a hike to the ocean: another kind of wilderness. The sea fog winding among the haystacks and islands; the air filled with the calls from the sea lion nursery made a perfect farewell to our forest holiday.