Friday, July 25, 2014

Favorite places on Cortes Island

The summer season of boaters, cyclists, campers and families enjoying Cortes Island is in full swing. I decided to go view the locations that are carrying the Journey Oracle divination deck--looking at them with the eyes of a visitor.

Manson's Landing Community Hall hosts the Friday Market, a building both new and old.  The new post office is a bright addition to the old hall entrance, with its small community notice board and tin roof.  Inside is a bustle of activity, which I get to survey from my Oracle card location on the stage.

The Oracle cards are also across the street from the community hall at Marni's Bookstore.  This little shop has a classic out-island feel.  No electricity, and if you want to buy a book but don't have the money right now, Marni keeps track of your debt with a paper clip on the receipt book.

The front counter features Cortes Island authors and it is an honour to be on the table with Ruth Ozeki and Norm Gibbons.

The Craft Store at Squirrel Cove has been a tourist favorite for decades.  Many boaters stop here for groceries, liqueur and artful island creations.

The artists who display work at the craft store comprise the staff that operates the store every day until early September.  Stop by and you just might find the Journey Oracle in attendance!