Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Am I psychic?

I am creating an on-line reading for the Journey Oracle cards that will be able to be purchased from my webstore, and I suppose this means others will wonder am I psychic?  What is it to be psychic? Webster's defines psychic as "of the soul, having to do with the mind, and knowing beyond natural or physical processes."  While I agree with the first two descriptions, I take issue with the last definition. The ability to read an oracle card depends on completely attending to natural sensations and physical information without listening to an inner voice of assumption or judgement.  Here is a quick Oracle reading of what I mean.

This Journey Oracle card is a picture of my situation, which is contained in this question,"Am I psychic?"  My first sensation is of a bird looking intensely, looking with intention.  Watching.  To be psychic is to be looking where nature is looking.  Looking with bird vision into far distances and the tiniest detail.

This second oracle card is a picture of my experience of my situation which is the question, "am I psychic?"  Open eyes, big ears, long nose; everything taking in sensation.  And yet what kind of creature is this?  What kind of creature is psychic?  Unusual, not easily definable, not ordinary.  

This third card represents change.  Not an easy image to identify.  Looks like a landscape that is also a person with startling blue, sad eyes, made of water, fire and stone.  I see a little figure going through an opening on the right.  Change is going ahead, going through.  Change is seeing that everything, every creature, every force is a person.  Everything is psychic; is participating in soul, in the Great Mind. 

This last card of the reading represents the resolution of the situation.  One eye is dark, one eye clear. Being psychic is looking out with intention from the spirit side.  And all it takes is one clear eye.