Sunday, July 23, 2017

Quantum change is magic every moment

A quantum change, a miracle, is a rapid personal change, a sudden, profound and enduring positive change that is instantly life-affirming.  Sounds big, doesn't it?  Like something that only happens once, or rarely, or to others more gifted or tuned in.

 Like being chosen to stand in the sun instead of struggle along in the snow and cold.


But what if such moments happen all the time?  What if it is not only the miraculous moment happening TO us, but our self-aware and conscious intention recognizing the stream of discontinuous positive change available around us at every moment.  What if it is our intention that makes space IN us for miracles to become routine.  These thoughts are all thanks to Dawson Church in his book, The Genie in your Genes.  

Here are some modest examples of recognizing this flow of positive change, illustrated with images from my Journey Oracle cards.

I am feeling swamped with too many commitments.  Stress is mounting and last night I did not sleep very well.  This oracle card seems to convey exactly the sensation of a too busy mind at 2 am.

Lying in bed in the early morning I decide to let my agitation go, "just stop"  I say to myself.  "In this moment I am comfortable, warm, and at ease. This moment is all there is."  My partner then says, "I guess you don't need to come to work this morning, I'm not going to be doing something you can help with."

Suddenly the sensation is one of brightening, as if the sun came from behind the clouds.  I realize with an aha! that its not that I  have so much I can't get it finished, but that I have been building an energy field of unbalance around the tasks, letting them loom over me like rain clouds.  This oracle card shows that I have a choice to look to the dark, or to the light.

A student calls to book an appointment.  I only have this afternoon available so we set a time.  After the call I spend some time wondering what shall we do?  She is asking for magic to come into her spiritual practice so it can be re-energized, and what we usually do is talk about what is going on in her life. This oracle card image seems to pose the question: how is talking to an old woman going to be magic?

 My student calls back to say she has to cancel because she has been asked to do child care instead.  A young family needs her help and she could use the money.

What a moment of recognizing the flow of positive change!   Time with three children on the beach and in the forest of Cortes Island will have magic in every moment.

We talk about how to pay shamanic attention to the experience because it is taking her on a journey into revelation about energizing her life.  This oracle card image captures the electricity of  such a magical focus.

I just now turned to the end of  Dawson Church's book to read about the ten principles of Epigenetic medicine, and did not get any further than this amazing quote:

The winds of grace are always blowing, but you have to raise the sail.  Ramakrishna.

I think I'll go sailing more often.