Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Guidance for finding love in your future

Here is a recent Journey Oracle reading that came as guidance for finding love in your future. Imagine that this reading is for you and we begin by my telling you to draw a card and describe what you see without editing or doubting your inner voice.

You see a face with two eyes, a red circle where the nose should be, and no mouth.    I say that this oracle card of your situation represents the August full moon so this reading of your desire to find love in your future is very current.   I read some phrases associated with this oracle card, and you especially resonate with "warmth of the sun" saying you would like to meet someone warm, rather than cold and distant.

This oracle card has the message for you: a safe place, and we both laugh that a good relationship build on trust and shared interest is just that, a safe place.

You draw a second oracle card, this one representing your experience of this desire to find love in your future.  This time you have a harder time describing the oracle card image, slowly turning it around and around trying to find an image that feels correct.  Finally you see two eyes again, in what looks like a snail shell.  

This oracle card has a question for you: Why do you keep dreaming that you've lost your wild soul?
What a powerful, provocative question!  You describe how when you were younger you were not so cautious; you were willing to just jump into an experience without trying to over-control it. We think this might be a good memory to reflect on.  Perhaps when we are younger we don't guard our heart quite so much, but how to learn to do this when we have more maturity and experience with some relationships that go well, and others not so much.

The third oracle card of this reading brings quite a change in direction. You see a figure lying down, arms raised, holding fire.   The qualities associated with this card of the Celtic tree month Holly catch your attention: warrior energy, protection, valor, vitality.  You say that recently you have undergone an experience when you could certainly have used these qualities.  We feel that these qualities may be good homework for you.  This oracle card of change has refocused the reading on building inner strength, rather than looking outside of yourself for fulfillment.

The fourth oracle card, the resolution, is also an image of an eye, but this time you think it is an "I."
This oracle card representing the moon is associated with deepening relationships, the cycles of flow and entering the dark.  We talk about how important it is to enter the dark--and realize that the dark doesn't have to mean the negative but rather can represent the inner journey to one's own true self.

The message from this oracle card is Spiraling into the center.  What good advice for finding love. Spiral into balance with oneself.  Find the true center of self-worth, and others will feel that contentedness, and be attracted to it.

So we conclude this reading by wondering again about finding love in your future, and discover the Journey Oracle has guided you to Love yourself.