Saturday, August 12, 2017

Tips for setting up an art exhibit

 What an adventurous learning experience it is to set up an art exhibit! My acrylic paintings are currently on display at the Old School House Gallery on Cortes Island, and here are some tips from that picture hanging adventure.

Bring what you think is too much work for hanging, so there would be options for displaying and editing.

Bring friends who have a good sense of design.  More than one opinion is invaluable when creating a flow of color and mood along a wall.  Besides, it is difficult to hold a painting up and look at it from a distance at the same time.

Be willing to change the arrangement of works, and your choices about their placement, many times.
Sometimes a piece has to move everywhere, jostling its painting neighbors, until it finds a home that is a perfect fit.

Find themes for groups of pieces--art works that have a level of technical detail or of subject matter in common.The viewer may not consciously recognize that one wall focuses on water and another on earth, but the sensation of connection will be felt.

Set a title for the exhibit that creates an intriguing curiosity for your viewers.

Help your viewers enter a mental space, as well as a visual space, when they approach the exhibit.

Think of the art exhibit as a gesture of gratitude to the work itself, for being willing to come through your hand and eye into the world.

May every moment have art-filled blessings from the Journey Oracle.