Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Giving thanks in Hawaii

We are Canadians on a Hawaiian holiday and didn't notice that our trip overlaps the US Thanksgiving holiday.   Canada celebrates Thanksgiving in early October without any reference to Pilgrims, yet we discovered so much here to be thankful for.

First, of course, are the sunsets.  World class, filled with wonder sunsets.

Then there is Mother Ocean in all her many guises.

The green lushness of everything continually amazes.  Yet we have discovered another dimension of giving thanks here on the Big Island.  It is quiet and intimate but no less profound, maybe even more so.

  There is the joy of having so many places to go and fish to see.

There is permission to do--well--nothing at all. Very rare for an oyster farmer and artist from Cortes Island. 

There is the almost perfect lack of energy to do any work. although a new series of paintings traveled all the way to Kona to tempt me. 

There is the simple blessing of eating in.  And what could be more celebratory than a real pineapple?

Even when the sunset comes with a Tiki torch.

And last night the moon returned.  I can not imagine a greater light by which to give thanks.