Friday, November 3, 2017

Spiritual self-mastery in Bali

Bali 2018, A Journey into Self-Mastery, has been cancelled because of uncertainty regarding the ongoing volcanic activity of Mt. Agung.  Our sincere apology to those who anticipated joining Ann Mortifee and me on this extraordinary journey.   

Come on a spiritual adventure in August 2018.   Ann Mortifee and  myself. Kristen Scholfield-Sweet, are leading a journey into artistic and spiritual self-mastery in Bali, Indonesia.  Begin this journey with us to Bali by enjoying my thoughts about "What is spiritual self-mastery?"  Thanks to Alex Joy for his images of Bali.

 These images illustrating spiritual self-mastery are from my painted and natural shamanic drums.

One purpose of spiritual self-mastery is being fed by found treasure.  When we go beyond what we think we know of something as simple as the necessity of water, we discover the mystery of  the Holy.

In Bali these participants in procession carry containers of holy water on their heads.

One mission of spiritual self-mastery is going here to be healed.  The here in this healing is our openness of spirit; our reaching out from our usual experiences to touch the unknown.

And when we make this intention to understand or change a view, we are met by another's openness.

One strategy of spiritual self-mastery is being fed by falling asleep, and then waking up to honouring.  When we let go of the analytical mind, the spiritual intuition can grow, as a child grows in the safety of a mother's love.

One gift of spiritual self-mastery is awareness of spirit skills and limits. When we pause to absorb and integrate new experiences, we find we can literally see a situation with new eyes.

This extraordinary opportunity to experience the spiritual and artistic mastery of Bali is fully detailed in our itinerary: Mystic Traveller in Bali 2018.   Please join Ann and I for a journey into self-mastery when we explore the magic and mystery of the ancient Balinese culture.

For more information and to reserve your place email Alex Joy at