Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Answering life questions

How do we find personal power? I have been giving psychic readings with the Journey Oracle card deck, recently to a dwindling clientele. When I drew a card to ask what was happening, I received this one, and was struck by the question: “Am I trying to sing along?”

In this situation, I understand this to mean that I am trying to do what everyone else is doing, trying to fit in. I don’t want to fit in. I want to honor the unique perspective of this spirit-directed tool. I’m sure I could use this divination art to find revelation for my clients in a way that matches the tarot and other painted divination cards, but I would rather transform their daily life and self-knowledge by applying the uniquely shamanic, Celtic and Wiccan meanings of these divination cards and dream stories.

The Oracle speaks of this card with the phrase: The power needed to create change will be power. I think power shows itself in the physical sensations of our body in daily action, more than in the vast reflections and anticipations of our thinking mind. One of my favorite writers, David Abram, says in The Spell of the Sensuous, “I remain standing on this hill under rippled clouds, my skin tingling with sensations. The expansiveness of the present holds my body enthralled. My animal senses are all awake—my ears attuned to a multiplicity of minute sounds, the tiny hairs on my face registering every lull and shift in the breeze. I am embedded in this open moment, my muscles stretching and bending with the grass. This present seems endless, inexhaustible. What, then, has become of the past and the future?” I understand that the personal power needed to create change is “embedded in this open moment.” I will be in my senses, awake, and the clients who seek teachings by nature spirits for life questions will find me.