Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Receiving a psychic reading

Sometimes when we are in a dilemma, someone else can see our story better than we can. Close your eyes, breathe deeply a few times, and think of a situation in which your choices and possible actions are tangled and difficult to see clearly.

You have just drawn this Journey Oracle card for your psychic reading, and this how I describe your situation. I see a face with two different eyes…the right one, which means to me the eye seeing in this ordinary reality, is rimmed with red. The left one, which means to me the one seeing in the spirit world, is a clear deep blue. The right eye has water pouring above and beside it, flowing along and over several ear shapes. The face and along the large right ear in the background is rimmed with white, as if frosted and cold. What is surrounding this face is out of focus—shapes that flow and change without apparent structure or meaning. The face and ears are a bright red-orange under the white, as if this were the more basic color. What aspects of your situation am I describing?

I ask you to think of your situation and see if these questions have meaning. Is the eye of this reality rimmed with red from crying? Yet can you also see clearly into the spirit world surrounding this situation? Is the water pouring on the right your feelings, your tears? Is this because of what you are hearing? Is this situation keeping your natural brightness and passion covered over with frost? Or is this a result of your coldness? What is surrounding you that is out of focus?

I conclude this divination reading by asking you the question that appears on the card you have drawn. Say aloud to yourself: “Do I realize who I am?” Is it now time to apply the life wisdom gained from this divination card reading?