Wednesday, August 26, 2009

travel as a shamanic journey

This week I am in Edmonton, working with my shamanic mentoring students, and women from the Journey Oracle card party. My experience arriving here became a shamanic journey filled with interesting lessons and powerful insights. My car broke down during the first leg of the trip, and yet through the kindness of five strangers, I was able to make all my connections--arriving relaxed and on time.

I translated the events in the journey into this list of suggestions for transforming breaking down into breaking through.
See that there is a problem
Receive a sense of capability for dealing with it from another’s appraisal
When serious trouble happens STOP in the best place to receive help
Find the open door within which help is available
Receive guidance and recognition of capability, then wait without expectations
When help arrives move to a safe place
When there is no obvious next step go to the next possibility of help
Feel welcome--allow another’s greater capacity to take over
Say YES to an unexpected solution
Discover a new way of going

After I arrived I drew a Journey Oracle divination card, asking the Oracle, “What did I learn from this situation?” I drew this card, and smiled at the image of this little bird, comfortably riding on the head of this strange magical creature. I felt like that bird, being carried by magical kindness in a flow of comfort and ease. All our life’s situations can become spirit journey work, when we are willing to let breaking down become breaking through.