Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fox Medicine Drum

Some drums seem to paint themselves.  I wrote earlier in a Journey Oracle blog about how this drum might belong to Coyote, but Wolf's little brother is who came through the raw earth pigments and naturally patterned deer skin.
Bobby Lake-Thom writes that Fox is a good power and guardian who can bring warning of danger and sickness approaching.  He says that "Fox is clever, intelligent, a good hunter and a wise friend.  He also represents pride, regality, and loyalty."

On closer look the somewhat ominous glance becomes more playful, like a good companion ready for a romp in the meadows beside the trail during a shamanic journey.

The nine pointed Star of the Muse is a symbol of inspiration, of breathing in the powers of speech and poetry.  This originally female symbol is a balance to the male symbol of the hunter and guardian.

And yet, the detail of something beautiful to hold on to, does not lessen the certainty that something wild is coming with us on this journey into Mystery.

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