Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The meaning of rain in a dream

I am now back on Cortes Island, on the rain coast of British Columbia, after several weeks spent hiking in the desert and dreaming of rain.  Here is my understanding of the meaning of rain, using the Dream Journey reading I am developing for the new Journey Oracle cards.

The setting of the dream

A dream begins with a setting that shows the protagonists, and sometimes the time.  I understand that when rain is present, spirit is present.  Rain is life being blessed.  When it is raining in a dream the spirits are blessing everything. 

The experience of the developing dream story 

As a dream progresses it contains complications, tensions, uncertain outcomes.  In a dream of no rain, all the edges are sharp and painful and too bright.  In a dream story of rain, the experience is soft and watery, like the very air is green but maybe poisonous. 

The culminating moment of change

There is a moment in a dream when something decisive happens or something changes completely.  In a desert dream of no rain this moment is stark and unyielding, in a forest dream of rain this change is hidden and then sudden.  Both create revelation.

The dream's solution most desired by the dreamer

The desert is all about finding rain, and escaping the heat from no rain by finding shade.  The northern forest is all about rain, and escaping the wet of too much rain by finding sun. 

So what is the meaning of rain in a dream?  It means a blessing that grows everything, the nourishing and the poisonous alike.  It means a veil that lifts to revelation,  it means waiting for the sun.