Thursday, October 10, 2013

Go on a shamanic journey in the desert

I am hiking in the Coachella Mountains near Palm Desert this week, and was thinking about how to go on a shamanic journey, when I noticed that the desert plants were teaching me about how to do this.

Respect the landscape you are planning to enter.  The spirit world, as well as the desert, is a place where inattention and disregard are costly.  

Go with a friend, a helper, an ally who can show you where it is best to walk and where not to. 

In the desert another person with you is the best protection, as well as paying attention to the critical necessities like enough water and a map.  In the spirit world an other-than-human creature who knows who and what is safe is the best protection.

Be alert for the Mystery is whatever form it takes.  In the desert as well as in the spirit world a never-before-seen thing is waiting for your notice, and will reward you with magic--but only if you are awake to detail and subtlety.

Let your presence in the desert and in the spirit world be something beautiful.  Pick up trash in this world; ask how you can be helpful to the creatures and forces who have come to your call in that world.

Build learning from each experience in the desert and in the spirit world, so that each time you go you are more wisely prepared and well provisioned.  Let your experiences become the bones that remain long after the day's hike, and the shamanic journey, have shed their reality for memory.
Go well and be happy, Blessings from the Journey Oracle.