Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to conduct an Oracle reading

When my friend Ann Mortifee offered to publish the original full version of the Journey Oracle card deck through Eskova Publishing, she made the casual comment,"you should make a youtube video of you conducting a reading.  This will help people know how you do it."  Seemed a simple request. Well.
Turns out not really.  But what a learning experience.

Initially I thought this would be easy because I make youtube videos of my drums for sale, especially so people who are interested can listen to each drum being played.  I use four or five stills and my Avid microphone--presto!  But how to create a video that is not just the back of my head and a view of the cards while I talk on?  My hands holding the cards to begin the reading, and images of the card layout, my journal and the Oracle book pages seemed simple enough, but how to tell the story?

First I had to have a story to tell--which means I had to really do a reading. This turned out to be a most challenging choice.  If the reading was not authentic then I suspected the shamanic journey into a waking dream wouldn't happen. So the question had to be real. I drew this card for random inspiration and immediately thought of a situation I had been experiencing with a friend whose comments had caused me to feel unsure of myself.  "Why has my self-confidence disappeared?"

After I drew the four cards and began the reading, I found myself spontaneously thinking of cards that captured the visual essence of a connection or insight that occurred as I moved through the journey of the reading.  At every point a card image just seemed to float into my awareness and "click shut" into place.  Not only did I receive good wisdom from my unconscious mind about this situation, I had a wonderful time learning to use the video and photoshop tools.  I hope you also enjoy this 10 minute shamanic journey into a waking dream.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

New free interactive reading from Journey Oracle

My new website went live on Summer Solstice, what a present to give to the Sun on its wedding day!
The Journey Oracle website now contains a free interactive reading, so I decided I would try it.  I asked "how to be with this new website launch of the revised and expanded oracle cards?" This is the card that appeared.

The interactive reading tells me: 

This image is your chosen true doorway to insight.
See your situation in this image. Describe what you see in simple language. Notice images, colours, shapes: and also what you feel and associate with them. THIS IS HOW THINGS ARE.

When I gaze into this image I see a woman who is composed, comfortable with the other-than-human-world, and confident with exposing herself.  The green web of the plant world weaves all together.  Of course I can't help but notice, and appreciate, that the new box case of the Journey Oracle is wrapped in the green of our northern Canadian forests. 

Next I choose the path that tells me "how things got to be this way" and read a group of sentences that bring insight to my next steps for offering the new Oracle cards and book. 

suit: WHEEL OF YEAR   card name:  IMBOLG   #5



This situation began by self-education.
The prevailing energy of this situation is cold.
The core energy pattern of this situation is enveloping.                               
The Mother of this situation has beautiful eyes.
The Father of this situation is ever present.


Your perception of the situation is magical.
The impact of your perception is cornflower blue.
Your relationship to the prevailing energy is bold and strong.
The connection between the core energy pattern and the situation
    is felt as a  trailing touch.
The momentum of this situation is fed by remembering to sing.

 Although all the sentences have meaning, several jump up to shine a light on this new beginning. Certainly this 22 year ongoing creation of the Journey Oracle divination deck has been all about self-education.  In our modern times, there is no longer an Oracle school! The prevailing energy is cold of the moment because I am just beginning to let my friends, students and web followers know that the new form is now available.  Enveloping is a perfect word to describe my every day focus with the creation of this Oracle.  The Mother refers to what gave birth to this situation, its deep source; and the Father is the creative force.  Beautiful Eyes and Ever Present are certainly magical parents for an oracle deck.

I am very heartened to read that my perception is "magical" and the "momentum of this situation is fed by remembering to sing."  And I am singing for joy right now--being able to finally share the new Journey Oracle with you.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Favorite outport in Desolation Sound

No matter where we decide to sail our Pearl for the beginning of the season, we seem to always end up at Refuge Cove, our favorite outport in Desolation Sound.  The harbour is well protected from both the south east winds and the Westerlies that prevail this time of year, and a first exploration is always of the other boats, and boat houses, at the dock.

We were pleased to again see the geese parading their family of goslings, swirling into view just beyond the porches of the raft and float house.  

It's good to see that some things don't change, like the washer dome arena near the Cove resident's barbecue area.  Sort of a combination of horseshoes but with big metal washers and a score board like cribbage.  The game has the added interest of washers occasionally falling down between the boards to glub into the sea beneath the dock.

Spending time in the Refuge Cove store and book exchange is the highlight of our stopover.  Nowhere else have I ever found bavarian style Spaetzle and Chipotle chili powder on the same grocery shelf.

I image there are not many places like this left in the BC coast.  A boat-only community that is willing to share slow time with visitors as they go about their ruggedly quirky and independent lives.  Just the right beginning to Pearl time.  Happy sailing from the Journey Oracle.