Monday, December 21, 2015

Winter Solstice ceremony in nature

First there is the making of all those winter solstice tree ornaments using melted beef suet and crunchy peanut butter. 

Then there is the addition of bird seed to make another version--this time in muffin cups.

Then there is the walk to the beach on an almost sunny solstice morning to find the perfect place to build a fire...taking care to cover plants with rocks so the heat will not damage them. 

Almost as important as the fire is finding the just right place to sit.

Beginning the longest night wilderness feast with one of each kind of creature and plant that feeds us.

Next is discovering that attention needs to be paid to the tide. 

Oh the tide, the tide.  Which will not wait, but comes strong to our ceremony.

We do finish honoring all our relations in time to decorate the best tree ever.

And receive in the darkening afternoon a gift from the sun shining back to us.

Happy Solstice from the Journey Oracle. May 2016 be a gift of light and wisdom.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Meaning of Winter Solstice decorations

I decorate my house with symbols of the light that will be returning beginning after the winter solstice.  

The candle in the Yule log will be lit on Solstice night to help the sun find its way back.

The apples honor the gifts of plenty that the Earth has given,  The Goddess in her many guises is keeping us warm and well fed this winter. 

The birds, our cousins, are remembered during this time of year when its good to put food out for creatures that live in the wild December wind and rain. 

And what a joy it is to be inside next to a fire when a storm is raging outside. 

This is a time to honor the green of our northern forests, and also the green that waits to emerge from seeds and within furled tips. And of course it is always time to honor the cat. 

A tree of Holly honors the old pagan ways.  A remembering of  my ancient ancestors. The same murmuring voice that guided the creation of my oracle cards.  May all your holiday decorations glow with meaning.  Happy Solstice from the Journey Oracle

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Animal spirit family

First there was a drum with a pipe shape in the newly dried hide.

And for many months as I worked with my Journey Oracle cards and went on hiking holidays, the drum stayed clear and smooth without my effort but for the stabilizing of the bullet hole in the rim,

And the wrapping of the eight pointed interlacement pattern of transformation woven into the back cedar ring of the drum. 

The drum transformed, as all beings do, and this was the first creature to be seen floating above the bowl.

Then the bird appeared, an odd but sturdy perch upon which the little bear could sit.

But the bird was not the last but only the next, as it in turn leans against a cat.

A strange fox made mostly of smoke with eyes that see to the spirit side balanced at the apex,

While a snake looped itself along the stem of the dreampipe.

Who are all these creatures? 

And why are they perched on a dreaming shaman drum

Each of these animals holds a place in the heart of my spiritual growth.  The fox of my personality is held by my bear and bird teachers.  The cat and the snake are the closest to the good work that comes through the stem of intention and out from the bowl into action.  So I guess you could say this is a family portrait.  What creatures are part of your family portrait?

Listen to the voices in this drum by clicking on this youtube link.